Organic Bread
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Organic Bread


GREENHOUSE is selling 2 different brands of bread which includes:




Organic Bread  Versus ' Natural ' and Conventional Bread


BREAD is a commonly consumed grain product in numerous countries and societies. Nowadays, there are a great variety of organic and 'natural' breads, along with conventional ones.

You can choose from white bread, wheat, whole or sprouted wheat, multi-grain and gluten-free.





The Organic Center examined those 3 types of bread mentioned above,  organic, 'natural' and conventional.


The study showed that an average loaf of organic bread contains 49% whole food ingredients. Meanwhile, an average loaf of 'natural' bread contains 24% and only 12% is found in conventional bread.


A study conducted presents that 63% of ingredients in organic bread are nutritionally beneficial, comparing to only 27-28% in conventional breads.


The refining process leads to the great loss of nearly 75% of nutrients.


Why do we need to choose REAL BREAD?


Vegetarian 素食

X No egg 无蛋

X No Bread Improver 无面包改良剂

X No Artificial Flavouring and Colouring 无添加味精和色素

X No Commercial Baker's Yeast 无酵母

X No Artificial Preservatives 无防腐剂

X No Butter,Margarine and Shortening 无黄油,人造黄油和酥油



REAL Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is a bread made from the natural occuring yeast and bacteria in the flour.

Traditionally in sourdough recipes, you will find these 3 ingredients:

Sourdough starter ( which consist of flour and water) 天然酵母(由面粉和水制成)
Flour 面粉


Inside this bread, there is NO

X Yeast 酵母
X Milk 牛奶
X Oils
X Sweeteners 糖精


Sourdough bread preparation improves its nutritious content by:

Pre-digested starches, making the bread more easily digestable
Lowering insulin response or improve glucose tolerance
Breaking down gluten, so that people with gluten intolerance can eat
Protecting Vitamin B1 from the damage of the heat baking


These nutritious ingredients and whole food ingredients are higher in organic bread followed by natural bread and is lowest in conventional bread.


From the graph, we can also see that the preservatives and additives ingredients for conventional bread is the highest , which is 6, followed by 2 ingredients in natural bread and the lowest in organic bread, which is 1 ingredient.


We are selling different types of bread that is suitable and loved by everyone because of its soft texture.



The price details of the Breads are as below:

   CODE                                PRICE
                RB001              RM 6.40
                RB002              RM 6.40
                RB003              RM 6.40
                RB004              RM 6.40
                RB005              RM 6.40
                RB006              RM 6.40
                RB008              RM 6.40
                RB009              RM 6.40
                RB010              RM 6.40
                RB011              RM 7.45
                RB012              RM 7.45
                RB013              RM 7.45
                RB014              RM 6.40
                RB015              RM 6.40
                RB016              RM 8.50
                RB017              RM 8.50
             (5 PIECES)
             RM 5.60
            (10 PIECES)
             RM 6.40
                RB023              RM 7.80
                RB036              RM 4.35
                RB037              RM 4.35
                RB038              RM 4.35
                RB039              RM 3.45
                RB040              RM 2.50
                RB041              RM 4.35
                RB042              RM 3.90
                RB043              RM 4.35
                RB044              RM 7.45
                RB045              RM 7.45
                RB046              RM 9.40
                RB048              RM 5.05
                RB049              RM 3.20
                RB051              RM 8.25
                RB052              RM 8.25
                RB053              RM 8.25
                RB054              RM 3.55
                RB056             RM 6.65
                RB057             RM 4.35
                RB081             RM 7.80
                RB082             RM 3.50
                RB088             RM 9.40
               RB1111             RM 9.40


REAL BREAD is also providing GLUTEN FREE BREAD ( no white flour)  that is very suitable for people who are allergic to gluten because it is rich in fiber and helps in weight loss too.





The price details of the GLUTEN FREE BREAD are as below:

  CODE                       PRICE                
Gluten free loaf (Dragon Fruit
         RM 9.00
Gluten free loaf (Oats)          RM 9.00
Gluten free loaf ( Black sesame)          RM 9.00


REAL BREAD provides tasty, wholesome and nutritious meal for all the beloved ones as a true bread.


The details of Bread delivery are as below:

Day : Every Monday and Friday

* Gluten free bread is only available on Friday

( You can call our customer service hotline to ask for bread reservation details )

Real Bread Pre-Order Method:

Depends on the time you come and collect the bread

Monday(Submit before Saturday 3pm)or
Friday(Submit before Wednesday 3pm)







 1)星期一(星期六 3pm前提交)或

For more information, do feel free to contact us at our Customer Service: +6011 5657 3807



This Rainbow Sprouted bread is well known as 'A bottle of supplements packed in a slice of bread '  and it is truly a natural source of highly concentrated which contains essential :


Proteins 蛋白质
Dietary fibres 膳食纤维
Minerals 矿物质
Vitamins 维他命
Phyochemicals 植物生化素
Antioxidants 抗氧化剂


This bread provides enough nutrients to help boost your energy and maintain healthy blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.


Not only that, developing children ( aged 1 and above) will also benefit from consuming the sprouted bread as it promotes healthy growth, providing lasting energy, and prevents overeating and excessive weight gain.


Original 7- Grains Bread
( Made with the finest selected grains and legumes imported from abroad )



Original 3- Seeds Bread 
( Made with the finest selected grains and super seeds imported from abroad )



There is NO FLOUR ( 没有面粉 ) used in baking our sprouted bread. Sprouted grains made into bread are more easily digested than starch and this provides much needed nutrients because of the sprouting process which is easily absorbed into the system.


Some health benefits of the bread:

Rainbow 面包的好处:


Healthier than ordinary bread 比普通面包更健康
Breads that satisfies and suitable for all age groups 适合所有年龄和各群体
Boost your energy 提高精力
Control your weight 控制体重
Boost your immune system 提高免疫力 



RAINBOW bread only accept reservation ( It is not available in ready stock)

You can order the bread before every Monday, 3pm and it will arrived on Wednesday

( For reservation please call our customer service hotlink +6011 5657 3807 )


RAINBOW 面包只接受预定(没有提供现货):


(预定请拨打我们的客服热线 +6011 5657 3807