Hatiku Eco Farm
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Hatiku Eco Farm


Hatiku Eco Farm is an organic farm run by the farmer, Fung Chee Siang. He practices good old farming techniques like crop-rotation and inter cropping of different types of vegetables. He has huge compost pits where he puts all the weeds and other organic wastes from the farm for making the fertilizer. Hatiku Agriculture farm owner, Fung Chee Siang has been running his organic farm on a 20-acre land at 1,000 metres above sea level in Ringlet for the past 20 years and it is away from other conventional farm that uses pesticides.


These are some examples of vegetables that we are selling :


The details of the vegetables delivery are as below:

Delivery day: Every Tuesday

Price range : RM10-RM20 per kg


For more information, do feel free to contact us at our Customer Service: +6011 5657 3807