Free shipping for orders over RM200.00
If you purchase RM100 or more (less than 10kg), You will receive RM5 off on delivery fees !!
Free RM5 Delivery Service


♦ Free RM5* Delivery Service 
免费 RM5* 运费送货服务


A)  Inside Johor Bahru area  

Spend a minimum amount of RM100 with **less than 10kg 

⇒ Frozen foods are included.

**( Company will subsidies RM5 for each order, remaining amount customer need to bear )
**( Customers who purchased above 10 kg, Company will subsidies RM5 for each order only)


  • 只需消费满 RM 100( **产品重量少过 10kg
  • 冷冻产品包括在内



1) Green House 恩粮坊 ( Johor Jaya)

Here are some of the listed areas where we are offering free RM 5 delivery services:

以下是从JOHOR JAYA 分店送货区域如下:


• Taman Johor Jaya 
(*Jalan Anggerik,*Jalan Teratai, *Jalan Dedap, *Jalan Keembong,* Jalan Seroja,  *Jalan Rosmerah, *Jalan Bakawali)

• Taman Ehsan Jaya
• Taman Molek
• Ponderosa
• Taman Daya
• Taman Mount Austin
• Taman Desa Tebrau 
• Taman Desa Cemerlang
• Taman Adda Height
• Taman Puteri Wangsa
• Permas Jaya
• Taman Gaya
• Taman Bukit Tropika
• Taman Desa Jaya

2) Green House 恩粮坊(Bukit Indah)

Here are some of the listed areas where we are offering free RM 5 delivery services:

以下是从BUKIT INDAH 分店送货区域如下:


• Delima Mutiara
• Bukit Indah 2
• Bukit Indah
• Intan Topaz
• Taman Nusa Bestari
• Taman Nusa Bestari 2
• Taman Nusa Idaman
• Taman Amira, Casa Almyra
• Taman Selesa Jaya
• Taman Tan Sri Yaacob
• Taman Nusa Jaya Mas
• Taman Perling
• Taman Damai Jaya
• Horizon Hills

 B) FREE DELIVERY Outside Johor Bahru area including other states

Spend a minimum amount of RM200 with less than 10kg 
 Applicable only in West Malaysia
⇒ Frozen foods are excluded.

(For customers who purchased above 10 kg, Company will subsidies RM5 for each order, reminding amount the customer needs to bear)


  • 消费满RM 200 产品不能超过10kg
  • 只限西马
  • 外州不包括冷冻产品

    **超过10kg 购买的产品,公司将贴补RM5的运输费,余额顾客需要承担)

These are some examples of product categories that we are providing delivery services:

介绍大家一些送货上门的健康商品 :














 Natural Supplement 天然保健品 

4 easy steps are required:

  1. Choose the products you need. You can even take a look at our website for more options.→ Search for more Categories
  2. WhatsApp the products you need to our customer service hotline.
  3. Once payment is received, we will proceed with the order list.
  4. Products will be delivered to your doorstep.

订货 4 步骤 :

  1. 查寻你要的商品:→ 点击目录查询
  2. 把你的清单列出发至我们的客服电话(记得靠近你家的分店客服号码).
  3. 付款完成后j我们将尽快安排送货.
  4. 送货员将把你下的单送到你家.

Contact Details 联系靠近您家的分店:

►Green House恩粮坊 (Johor Jaya

  • The Delivery Service is open every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm (excluding Sundays & Public holidays)
  • Customer service number: +601156573807

►Green House 恩粮坊 (Bukit Indah

  • The Delivery Service is open every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm ( excluding Thursday )
  • Customer service number:  +60103733808

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Q1: 顾客住在新山 >购买超过> RM 100可以送货吗?

A1:可以, 公司将会贴补RM5的运输费,余额 (如有)顾客需要承担(可以有冷冻食品)


Q2: 顾客住在新山>购买超过> RM 200,可以免费送货吗?

A2可以, 公司将会贴补RM10的运输费,余额(如有)顾客需要承担(可以有冷冻食品)


Q3:顾客不住在新山(全西马)购买少过< RM 200,可以送货吗?

A3:可以, 公司将会贴补RM5的运输费,余额(如有)顾客需要承担(不能有冷冻食品)


Q4:顾客不住在新山(全西马)购买超过 > RM200,少过<10KG,可以免费送货吗?

A4:可以, 公司将会贴补RM10的运输费,余额(如有)顾客需要承担(不能有冷冻食品)