Don't say NO to foods. Eat all and live happily
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Don't say NO to foods. Eat all and live happily

Life is getting challenging day by day and we are running daily in order to adapt and live in the busy life.We earn to live and in order to live we need food.

Do you know one of the most important, happiest, and exciting moment in life..? It is the moment we put everything a side and enjoy eating our food. Food is meant to give pleasure and satisfying.

When we eat well, it can make us feel happy and healthy. It can give effect to our overall mood laugh


Life is only once and unpredictable. We should live happily every moments. Believe me, foods have the power to give us the magical feeling of joyful.

But nowadays in order to live better life, we come up with mind of health vs unhealthy foods. No foods is harm to ourselves when we take it in right and moderate amount.


Eating happily means:

  • You enjoy and thanks for every bite of the food
  • You love to explore all different foods
  • You love and respect the foods
  • You tressure the moments
  • You make all foods as your 'friends'

The total overall pattern of food eaten is the most important focus of healthy living. Any foods can go in this pattern if it  taken in moderate amount and follow portion size.

All the foods have its on function in our body, it is just different in the nutrients content. Some have high and some have low.

All foods can be a part of healthy eating. If you don't eat all kind or your pref erance food, you may end up being stress or mood swing. If too much diet and skipping meal also can lead to sick or you will end up eating too much when you have meal time.  

Moderate is the one of the key for happy life. Eating too much of any foods can become poisonous to our life   


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