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Our Story 恩粮坊的故事


Greenhouse has a history of 22 years (Since 2001) and has been selling all kinds of health care products. It has a long history in the health care industry, so it is well received and trusted by consumers.

恩粮坊至今已有20年历史(Since 2001)一直以来售卖各式健康养生商品.在健康养生业里历史悠久,因此深受消费者的好评和信赖.


The first store of Greenhouse was established in 2001 and located at Taman Johor Jaya, Jb.


位于Taman Johor Jaya,Jb


The second store of Greenhouse was established in 2020 and located at Taman Bukit Indah.


位于Taman Bukit Indah,Jb

It is a one-stop Natural and Organic Shop, that has over 1500++ varieties of products.
A specialist in healthy products, we have a series of it such as:


►Fresh natural and organic vegetables, beans, and seeds 
► Antibiotic-free chicken 
►Healthy seasoning for cooking 
►Plant-based milk powder 
►Gluten-Free products 
►Organic Bread
►Varieties of virgin oil
►Natural health supplements 
►Bee products
►Baby food 
►Detoxification products 
►Natural healthy clay pot 
►Neck and back therapy 
►Natural home essentials 



新鲜天然有机蔬菜,五谷杂粮无抗生素鸡 ,健康烹煮调味料,植物奶类,无麸质(Gluten-Free)食品,•有机面包,各式好油,•天然保健品,酵素,蜂巢产品,•婴儿食品,排毒产品,天然养生陶土锅,•颈椎保健,天然家居清洗用品,护肤保养品,等应有尽有。




The continuous support has strengthened Greenhouse's dedication to promoting health and well-being persistently.

Greenhouse's unwavering commitment to health is fueled by the continuous support, love, and praise from its valued customers. The venture was founded by three individuals who recognized the paramount importance of good health as the foundation for peace and happiness in life. This realization spurred them to embark on a health-oriented career that has now flourished for 22 years.

They are Catherine, Mary, Desmond. Each one of them works together to maximize their respective strengths.

They are dedicated to fostering a thriving health-oriented career and are continuously expanding their reach. Their relentless efforts have been focused on improving the well-being of individuals everywhere.

Having marked their 22th year since inception in 2001, they have been dedicated to learning and disseminating essential health and healthcare knowledge. This valuable expertise has been accumulated through rigorous self-study, research, and regular product training.

They ensure that these health concepts are imparted to store managers and shop assistants, enabling them to effectively assist customers in resolving health-related issues. Their ultimate goal is to contribute to the well-being of the community and support anyone who seeks a healthier lifestyle, as everyone deserves to lead a wholesome life.

Greenhouse receives high praise from customers and has garnered deep trust and support from consumers.




他们是Catherine, Mary, Desmond.他们的关系是姐妹档和夫妻档.大家齐心协力把各自的长处发挥的淋漓尽致,一心要做好健康事业,继续扩展,希望能与更多的朋友们一起同享健康.

至今已进入第22年(Since 2001)他们不断的学习如何养生保健知识,通过自修学习定期的产品培训,累计了很多宝贵的养生保健知识.把这些健康理念传承给店长和店员们,让他们有效的帮助顾客解决问题,继续帮助社区和每个想要健康的朋友们。



[Share health through various health activities]

Greenhouse is dedicated to promoting health through a diverse range of activities, including health lectures, spine health care, cooking classes, hair and hair follicle testing, organic essential oil workshops, detox courses, blood circulation tests, and numerous other initiatives.



 •Healthy Talk 健康讲座

•Spine care Talk 脊椎保健课



•教育分享活动 -极简食谱


•Organic Essential Oil Workshop 有机精油工作坊


•Blood Analysis 活血测试

•Hair Screening 毛囊检测


Furthermore, to remain in step with the evolving times and cater to market demands, our shop has expanded its offerings to include online shopping and delivery services. This enhancement enables customers to conveniently access health products with greater ease and speed.


To know more about the delivery service, please contact our customer service phone: → 6011-56573807

Simultaneously, the company's Facebook homepage is consistently refreshed to furnish you with a wealth of information, encompassing health reports, promotions, and upcoming events. On a monthly basis, the company actively arranges a spectrum of health-centric activities. These include health seminars, wholesome cooking sessions, hair and follicle testing, spine health care workshops, detoxification courses, comprehensive health check-ups, and a diverse array of other offerings.

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